Check Out Firefox Focus: Private Browser Firefox Focus arrives on Android

Firefox Focus: Private Browser Firefox Focus arrives on Android.

Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus – About one year ago, Mozilla just launched one of the best private browser for iOS called Firefox Focus. Thanks to the need, Firefox Focus has made the leap to Android. It is not a straight copy, or – the new version of the secure browser includes several unique features of the most open operating system.

Unlike Firefox Focus for iOS, the Android version can be your default browser, open each time you move a link in an app.

“Also, it is a very small file size compared to other Android browsers – including Firefox itself – at only 3.5MB.”

Smaller, faster, more secure

Firefox Focus use blocklists offer Remove disable ads that track your online activity, which has the additional bonus of speeding up page load times. If you want, a quick tap of the settings button will show how many trackers are blocked on the current page.

You can also block other types of tracker (although this sometimes interfere with other sites), and disable web fonts for improved speed and usability. Ad-blocking is enabled by default, but can be suspended temporarily so you do not have to change to a different browser.

Firefox Focus for Android also includes a stealth mode and can kill if you want to do screen captures and see the browser in the list of recently used apps.

Firefox Focus is designed to be used as a web browser, and security features that can kill when necessary, and then reactivated quickly tap

Your browsing history is deleted automatically when the browser was closed. “We have made heavy use of the system notification bar,” said Bermes, “so if you swing and you receive a call, for example, a notification will appear that you browse anonymously and you can keep that to close the browsing session. You can cover it with a long-press the icon – you do not have to mazimize the browser and then close it. ”

Firefox Focus for Android does have a few limitations: there is no support for add-on now, and you can not create multiple pages.

The browser is very sparse look and there is a notification system in place that reminds you erase your browsing activity when you leave Focus running in the background.

It is always excitement, hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please use the comment box below.

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